two-component injection moulding & multi-
component injection

priomold offers two-component or multi-component injection moulding, produced using an economical transfer moulding process. This means that 2C injection moulded parts can also be produced economically for prototypes or small quantities. The perfect bond for your product is created by combining different thermoplastics.

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the perfect bond

Two-component injection moulding (2C injection moulding) refers to the overmoulding or injection of an additional, usually soft, plastic material onto a plastic injection moulded part. This is most commonly done by injecting a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), referred to as a soft component, onto a thermoplastic hard component. The result is a 2C or multi-component injection moulded part.

With 2C or multi-component injection moulding, the different properties of plastics can be combined in one component. Both a form-fitting, i.e. mechanical, and a chemical bond can be created between the materials.

To achieve the perfect bond, the chemical bond created by suitable material pairing should be supported by a mechanical bond.

cost-effectiveness through transfer moulding

priomold offers multi-component injection moulding using a transfer process. Two moulds are made and the hard components are overmoulded in the second mould as an insert. This means that 2C components can be economically injection moulded even for prototypes or small quantities.

application and use of multi-component
injection moulding

With priomold, you can start small series production after a few weeks instead of months. In addition, it is often more economical than generative processes and 3D printing.

Applications for multi-component injection moulded parts:

  • Material pairing for technical optimisation of the function (dowels)
  • Direct insert moulding of TPE seals
  • Integration of buttons on injection-moulded assemblies
  • Improved grip and edge protection on plastic housings
  • Multi-coloured plastic injection moulded parts

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