The customer's requirement is the measure of all things

Maximum customer focus is the idea: in terms of time, quality and across all process steps. priomold was launched in 2015 with this clear focus - and has developed into a strong and highly flexible partner in the field of plastic injection moulding for prototyping, small production and pre-production with and for customers from various industries.

A development and success that our young hugely committed team makes possible - as well as the use of innovative aluminium tools, thanks to which we offer our customers real competitive advantages in terms of their "time to market" today and in the future.

To optimize our services and give best processes to our customers we have been certified according ISO 9001 from TÜV Süd since 2019. You can download the certificate here:

ISO 9001 Certificate priomold (PDF)

Two men talking in a workshop behind a clipboard

800,000 moulded parts per year

Woman with injection moulded part in her hand
In the foreground a machine, in the background an employee with his hand on the handle of another machine
Two Priomold employees talking in a workshop
Portrait of the two founders Thomas Schönbucher and Moritz Zumdick

The founders Thomas Schönbucher and Moritz Zumdick

Aluminium tool insert

5,000 m2 production area

Hand with glove gripping a component from a machine
Priomold employees at work
Finished injection moulded parts in a box
Aluminium blocks on a shelf

150 customers

Priomold employee holding a part in their hand
Priomold employee looking for something in a box

400 new tools per year

Three employees inspecting a component
Priomold employee setting up a machine
Priomold employee in front of a screen
Employees at work

50 employees