insert & outsert technology

Do you need complex hybrid components made of plastic with encased threaded bushings, lead frames, plug contacts, busbars or sheet metal?

At priomold, inserts are inserted by hand and prototypes and small series are produced on our own vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines.

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highly complex hybrid components

The overmoulding of metals or other inserts results in a hybrid component made of metal and plastic. The production of highly complex and highly integrated hybrid components is made possible by the insert technology. The focus can be placed on current-carrying inserts or purely mechanical inserts, e.g. threaded bushings.

Thanks to its extensive experience from many projects in the automotive, e-mobility and medical technology sectors, priomold can offer expertise in overmoulding pins, plug contacts, busbars or metal bushings for prototype injection moulded parts or small series. The tool high-strength aluminium inserts used for this are precisely adapted to the respective insert for sealing.

In the spotting areas of inserts and larger metal sheets, we can increase the service life by using steel inserts in our high-strength aluminium and thus also produce small injection moulding series with inserts.

outsert technology

We refer to an outsert when just a small part of a sheet metal part is insert moulded with plastic. As a rule, the sheet metal part has a higher volume than the plastic that is injected onto the outsert.

By using vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines from Arburg, we can adapt the production environment to your hybrid component and produce it economically.

from CAD to the finished component

What does priomold offer you in the field of hybrid parts?

  • Consulting and expertise regarding sealing and positioning all types of inserts
  • Engineering and design services for injection-moulded hybrid components
  • Procurement of insert parts through our partner network
  • Production of prototype and small series injection moulded parts
  • Experience for the later series tool

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