Small series injection moulding

Are you looking for an economical small series of plastic injection moulding up to 100,000 parts? Would you like to get started quickly with your small series and produce economically? Our small series injection moulding enables you to flexibly cover your annual requirement for injection moulded parts and reliably supply your customers.

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Small series production in a few days

The idea that plastic injection moulding is only economical for large automotive series has long been outdated. By using tool inserts made of high-strength aerospace aluminium, it is possible to produce injection moulded parts even for small quantities.

Finished injection moulded parts in a box

Even with several aluminium tools, there is usually a cost advantage over commissioning a steel series tool.

We produce injection moulded parts in series quality for over 150 customers on our modern injection moulding machines from the Arburg company (from 25 to 150 tonnes).

We manufacture all tool inserts exclusively ourselves! You supply the 3D data and we supply your finished injection moulded part.

Advantages of rapid tooling

With priomold, you can start small series production after a few weeks instead of months. In addition, it is often more economical than generative processes and 3D printing.

Aluminium rapid tooling

Cost-effective tool changes are possible, while surfaces and materials are the same as in large-scale production.

From simple components to automatic sliders to insert or 2C injection moulding, priomold is your partner for small series production.

We also work with prototype tools with attached parts for removing undercuts for very small quantities.

priomold speeds up your injection moulding small series production

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100 TO 100,000 PARTS

in high-strength aluminium

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